Get involved today- we've got plenty of volunteer opportunities for those looking to be a part of the MS Melbourne Cycle team!

Without our amazing team of positive and energetic volunteers, we would not be able to operate the MS Melbourne Cycle and raise valuable funds for people affected by multiple sclerosis. 

We’d love for you to join the amazing team of more than 250 volunteers who get involved every year to support this great cause. Volunteering at the MS Melbourne Cycle will be a day you will not forget! If you're ready to take the plunge and be part of the amazing Volunteer Team:

VOLUNTEER HERE- and get involved today!

All volunteer roles require an early start; you may be asked to start as early as 5am. PLEASE NOTE that public transport does not run at this time on a Sunday.

Available Roles:

Course Marshal

The Course Marshal role is crucial to the operations of the event, the safety of the participants and the energy of the day. Positioned strategically along the route, you will direct, encourage and assist participants as they ride past. You will be provided with props to create a fantastic atmosphere for yourself and the riders.

Sector Manager

Sector Managers will manage a team of Course Marshals along a specific section of the course and are crucial to the operations of the event.

Rest Site Volunteer

This role sees volunteers responsible for the set up and management of a water station along the course. Bring a friend or two and remember to cheer on participants as they come past!

Start/Finish Site Volunteer

Located at Flemington Racecourse, volunteers may assist with the following roles:

  • Cloakroom: Receive, store and return participants' personal belongings.
  • Registration: Assist with those participants who wish to enter on the day. 
  • Information: Provide general information to participants regarding the event and the start/finish site. You may be required to rove around the site to answer questions.
  • Bib Collection: Distribute pre-paid bibs to participants who need to pick up their entry kits on the day. 
  • Merchandise: Assist with the sale of MS Melbourne Cycle merchandise.
  • Relief Volunteer: Volunteers for this role will be flexible and could assist in any of the above roles throughout your shift. 
  • Team Photo Assistant: Assist the official photographer with creating team photo signs.
  • Equipment/ Signage Crew: Work as part of an integral team looking after the set up and pack down requirements of a site or course signage and respond to any logistic requirements during the event. If available, pre and post event duties will include truck loading and site set up. This is a very active job and the work is physically demanding.
  • Volunteer Deployment Team: a team consisting of a driver and navigator who will be responsible for dropping Course Marshals in their positions. Drivers must have a valid full driver's licence.

Ready to join the Volunteer Team!?

If you're ready to join the Volunteer Team, please complete the volunteer application form

To discuss volunteering opportunities for the MS Melbourne Cycle, please contact the Volunteer Management Team on vicvolunteer@ms.org.au or 03 9845 2862.



Download, print and put up a poster to encourage people to volunteer with you! You could put these up at your workplace or a local business!

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