This Bike has MS

The bike with MS has been engineered to simulate some of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis - a debilitating disease whose effects often go unseen. Its frame is imbalanced, its brakes numb to press, and its wheels heavily fatigued. Anyone who rides the bike will experience what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis. The Bike with MS will be ridden in the MS Melbourne Cycle on Sunday 6th March 2016.

To learn more about how and why the bike was built, please visit the official This Bike has MS website.

SBS World News Coverage

SBS World News 06 March 6:30 - part 3

The Bike with MS received some great coverage from SBS World News Australia. SBS attended the 2016 MS Melbourne Cycle and included a segment on their Sunday Night News program featuring MS ambassadors Steven Van Ruyven and Carol Cooke.

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