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Thank you for supporting the bike with MS. You can support us by donating or joining us on the ride, Sunday 6th March.

The bike with MS has been engineered to simulate some of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis – a debilitating disease whose effects often go unseen. Its frame is imbalanced, its brakes numb to press, and its wheels heavily fatigued. Anyone who rides the bike will experience what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis. The person who rides in the MS Melbourne Cycle will be a brave person indeed.

The bike has been built to further understanding of multiple sclerosis throughout both the medical profession and the wider community.

By sponsoring the bike and its rider, you’re helping to continue vital MS services such as MS Peer Support and MS Employment Support – programs that keep Aussies living with multiple sclerosis connected and in the workplace.

Follow the progress of the bike on social media, or voice your support with the hashtag #bikewithms.



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