Banking your funds

If you plan to collect cash and cheque donations in person, we can issue you with a fundraising receipt book. Each book contains 20 tax deductible receipts. This allows you to issue receipts for any donations over $2.00.

To request a receipt book, simply contact us. Once you’ve received it, simply follow the below steps!

If you have already collected donations without the use of a receipt book, please contact us and we can provide you with our banking details.

1. Keep a record

Firstly, say a huge thank you! Make sure you record every donation in your receipt book, and issue them with a receipt.

Helpful tip: you may only issue an MS receipt if the donor is receiving nothing in return for their donation. Payments for products or services such as a sausage sizzle or a fundraising dinner, are not considered to be donations under Australian Taxation Law.

2. Bank the money

When you have finished collecting donations, add them all up and fill in the deposit slip at the back of your receipt book. Take your book and donations to your nearest Westpac branch where the teller will deposit the funds into our account.

3. Update your page

Simply log in to your fundraising portal, click the ‘Donations’ tab and then the ‘Add Offline Donation’ tab. These donations will then come through to our team for approval (we aim to approve them weekly). Once approved, they will come across to our leaderboard so we can see all of your hard work!

update your page
4. Return your book

To meet Australian Tax Office regulations, all fundraising books must be returned to MS by 30 June 2018 whether you have used them or not. We would appreciate if you could post your receipt books to:

MS Events
PO Box 210
NSW 1825

If you need advice or assistance to reach your fundraising goals, we can help! Contact us for more information.


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