Ride preparation & start times

Getting Your Bike Ready for the Day

It's very important that you service your bike before the ride and take a puncture repair kit, pump and basic tools with you, so you can get yourself going in case of a breakdown. Here's a few more tips to make sure you and your bike are ready for this epic ride:

  • Helmet – You are legally required to wear a helmet that meets the Australian standard.  
  • Lights, fluros and reflectors – Make sure these are in good working order, flashing red for the rear and white for the front of your bike.
  • Cycling skills – Know your limits. Training for the ride is not essential but recommended depending on your fitness levels and cycling abilities. If you have not ridden in a peloton before, or don’t know what that means, get out there and ride with a group and see our Training Tips page for more info. 

Bike Mechanics 

We have got you well and truly covered for any minor repairs you may need on the day with bike mechanics located at the start site, each rest site and a Mobile Support Crew for anything in between.

If you do need some bike repairs while on course, simply turn your bike upside down in a safe place away from other riders and look out for your heroes, the Mobile Support Crew. 

Make sure your bike is in good working order before you start your ride. 

Pre-Ride Checklist

tickServiced your bike? 
tickTrained and been out for a few rides? 
tickChecked your start time and have your riders bib?
tickKnow how you are getting to and from the event?
tickPrepared for all weather conditions?
tickDrunk plenty of fluids and have a good brekkie planned?
tickKnow the road rules and how to be polite to other cyclists?

GREAT – Have a wonderful ride!


Cycling Etiquette

Really good rider etiquette is one of the most important parts (and one of the nicest parts) of the MS Melbourne Cycle. It’s vital that everyone is respectful and safe along the course. Remember, it isn’t a race! We've put together some handy guidelines so that everyone is pedalling in harmony on event day.

  • STOP at lights and pedestrian crossings.
  • Ride no more than two abreast.
  • Look around and behind you, and call out ‘passing’ or ring your bell, when overtaking other riders.
  • Remember, that all normal road rules apply for the MS Melbourne Cycle.
  • Keep left at all times.
  • Always wear your helmet.
  • Ride to the conditions – if it’s raining remember to dry your brakes constantly, especially before going into descents. 
  • Slow down on congested areas of the course.
  • For a full run down on the rules and regulations for riders, download a copy of Sharing Roads and Paths or take a look at the VicRoads website

Start times

Coming soon - watch this space! 

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