Fundraising Tools

Download all the tools you need here to make your fundraising easy and successful!


Spread the word easily about your team or fundraising page by printing off these eye-catching posters and placing them up in your workplace, gym, local business or anywhere you can without getting in strife!

MS Melbourne Cycle + Half Marathon

Poster - MCHM: Cycle OR Run

MS Melbourne Cycle

Poster - Cycle - Single Rider

Poster - Cycle - Group riders

Cycle - Group riders Bridge

Poster - Cycle - Father Son

MS Half Marathon

Poster - Run - Team

Poster - Run - 2 Runners

Poster - Run - Single Runner

Poster - Run - Racecourse

Email Signatures

Emails can be pretty dull – jazz them up with these awesome email signatures and you just never know who might want to support you with a donation, or even join your team…Charlie from Finance might actually be a keen cyclist or Jamie the gym junkie could be looking for the next running challenge!

MS Melbourne Cycle
MS Half Marathon