Banking your funds

Banking your funds raised for the MS Melbourne Cycle

Your very own Receipt Book

receipt book

To collect cash and cheque donations, you will need a receipt book. 

This allows you to issue tax deductible receipts for donations over $2. 

It also contains a deposit slip so you can bank the money you collect. 

We can help! Contact us to request a receipt book.

Keep a Record

When someone makes a cash or cheque donation:

  1. Give them a kiss
  2. Record their details in your receipt book and issue them with a receipt.
  3. Remember: you may only issue an MS receipt if the donor is receiving nothing in return for their donation. Payments for products and services, such as a sausage sizzle or a fundraising dinner, are not considered to be donations under Australian tax law.

Update Your Page

  • Keep your overall fundraising tally accurate by adding any cash donations you receive to your online fundraising page.
  • Just log in to your portal, click Donations and ‘Add Offline Donation’.
  • Then send a message with a big thank you for their generosity.

Banking Your Funds

Bank the Money

  • When you have finished using your receipt book, add up your donations and fill in the deposit slip at the back of your fundraising book.
  • Take the receipt book and the money you have collected to your nearest Westpac branch.  Find your local branch.
  • The teller will stamp your deposit receipt and the money will be deposited into the MS account.

Return Your Book

To meet Australian Tax Office regulations ALL fundraising books, used or unused, MUST be returned to MS by 30 April. Please post your fundraising book to:

MS Events
54 Railway Road

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