MS Heroes

A huge thank you to everyone who is fundraising to fight MS. You are all heroes in our eyes, however we would like to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond.

Top Fundraisers 2017


bronze, silver, gold, ruby

RUBY MS HERO - raised over $10,000

Name Team Name Total Fundraised
Erin Ede                      Team Erin                                        $10,555

GOLD MS HEROES - raised over $5,000

Name Team Name Total Fundraised
Philip & Reuben Zajac Chai Riders $8867
Alex Ivory The Ivory Brothers                          $8312
Peter Vlitas   $6500
Ruvi Flescher Chai Riders $5870
Ian Goodhardt Blake Street Bikers $5615
Shmuel Karnowsky Chai Riders $5549
Vincent Dullard Swan Hill Supporting MS $5500

SILVER MS HEROES - raised over $2,500

Name Team Name Total Fundraised
Peter James Keilor Cares $4890
Basil Louis   $3870
Gary Ellin   $3405
Peter Horacek   $3195
Casey Morecroft   $3170
Russell Bate PITA $3050
John Daicos   $3010
Dallas Clark Margaret's Marvels $3000
Gary Dean Team GD (Gillian Dean) $2840
Jacob Dessauer Blake Street Bikers $2823
Robert German Team Beller $2711
Andrew Ainley   $2680
Ross Fraser Tour de Try Hards $2530
Dave Nestic                Team Erin                                        $2500

BRONZE MS HEROES - raised over $1,000

Name Team Name Total Fundraised
Charlie Sims Team Sims $2243
Lucas Dalle-Nogare Tour de MS $2200
Sam Winward   $2125
Gavin Netto Chafing the Dream $2100
Peter Daicos   $2015
Anita McNab All For One $2010
Andrew Myles   $2000
Zev Degan Chai Riders $1835
Malcolm Pearce Ericsson $1835
Adrian Giorgianni Chafing the Dream $1705
Steven van Ruyven Bicycle Superstore Mornington 150 $1678
Hayley Orchard   $1620
Frank Bambino   $1610
Damien Anthony Ericsson $1585
Ray Debono   $1555
Simon Walters Ringwood Riders $1540
Tom Barnes   $1530
Stephen Griffiths   $1520
Robert Roseburgh Wally Wheelers $1500
Jeff Shiels Wally Wheelers $1470
Melissa Cox Lance Pants $1440
Peter Febbo   $1440
Nicholas Maluccio MARTINA $1405
Paul McIntyre   $1397
Jenn Clark Margaret's Marvels $1395
Chris Clifton Vicinity Centres $1354
Claire Little Ben's Wheels $1350
Ben Mclaine   $1305
Craig Trimbur AECOM $1240
Lucas de Jong Ringwood Riders $1229
Donna Antonopoulos Team Anton $1220
Catherine Lewis Bayside Team $1210
Darren Savory Keilor Cares $1202
Adam Ferrara Noeley & the mechanics $1200
Vincent Leccese Warby Trailers $1200
Neil Murphy   $1200
Gregory Pratt Melbourne Tandem Bike Cycling $1200
Karen Leccese Warby Trailers $1194
Geoff Martin   $1185
Rosa Gentile BEAT MS BANDITS $1181
Matthew Clements Doobs Warriors $1180
Kendall Lister PITA $1155
Chris Saville   $1150
Vlasi Hletsos   $1141
Albert Giorgini   $1130
Rumana Rab Wii Not Fit $1130
Carmena Smith Team ACE $1129
Cameron McOmish Melbourne Water $1125
Andrew Robinson Katamandah Kicklongs $1125
Kimberley Elliott   $1115
Cecilia Monar Pellegrini $1112
Peter Gibney   $1100
Wade Graham Stage 10 Fliers $1100
Greg Mullenger The Comms Dudes $1100
Ashley Fraser Tour de Try Hards $1060
Andrew Bentley   $1050
Hayley Langan Blackburn Cycling Club Coolriders $1050
Fotini Triantafillou OUZO $1020
Peter Furlong   $1000
Jessica Kustura   $1000
Jenny La Marca            $1000

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