MS Heroes

A huge thank you to everyone who is fundraising to fight MS. You are all heroes in our eyes, however we would like to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond.

Top Fundraisers 2020

SILVER MS HEROES - raised over $2,500

Gary Ellin Basil Louis Sebastien Wattelet
Nick Theodossi    

BRONZE MS HEROES - raised over $1,000

Michael McCormack Neill Wiffin Adam McGrath
Jeremy Cox Timothy White Karen Beca
Rumana Rab Alex Fleming  

$500 CLUB

Craig Henderson Aimee McCallum Robert Roseburgh
Steve Dikranis Elliot Pimm Lauri Cohen
Rachel Bown-Mayo Olivia Brown Marcus Ward Curran
Jo Impey Trish Pham Sebastian Handler
Nathan O'Rourke Kate Cusmano Ray Mallon
Greg Paswindar Sarah Olson Emma Anlezark
Michael Dalla Rosa Gordon Holdsworth Matthew Ziedin
Amy Pemberton Christopher Lacey