Workplace Teams

Workplace teams
Enter a team from your workplace to:

  • Compete against other corporate teams in your industry as part of the Corporate Team Leaderboard!
  • Offer a great bonding experience 
  • Promote the health & well-being of employees
  • Raise corporate visibility in the community
  • Make a real difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis

How to make it happen

1.    Create a team

  • You can add your company name and logo to your team fundraising page

2.    Ask your employer to support your team by

  • Paying all or part of your team entry fees (contact us to arrange a bulk team payment)
  • Giving you a branded team uniform to wear during training and at the event
  • Making a tax-deductible donation to your team
  • Matching the total amount raised by team members
  • Mentioning your team in company newsletters or on social media

3.    Promote your fundraising at work

  • Send an email with a link to your fundraising page asking for sponsorship
  • Place a notice on your intranet 
  • Send a Facebook invite for people to sponsor you 
  • Put up posters around your workplace 
  • Insert a link to your fundraising page on your email auto signature

4.    Download

We can help! Contact us for more information.

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