Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Entry allow Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL) ABN 66 004 942 287 to operate the MS Event. By registering to participate in the event you accept and agree to be bound by these entry terms.

If the participant is under 18 a parent or guardian must read the Terms & Conditions and accept on their behalf.

1. Wellbeing & Safety

All entrants are required to complete the entry form and pay the entry fee.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event.

You should seek medical advice to ensure you are fit to participate . It is your responsibility to have suitable food and any medication that you require with you at all times.

First aid will be available at the event. Should you require ambulance transport to hospital it will be at your own expense.

Participants accept they are responsible for their personal belongings during the event. Valuable items should not be left without supervision, as no liability will be accepted for loss or damage of personal belongings.

Participants are not covered by Multiple Sclerosis Limited for injuries or damage if an accident occurs.

2. Refunds

Your entry fees are not refundable if you change your mind or are no longer able to participate in the event. Nor will fees be refunded if you are denied access or removed from the event for any reason. Your entry is also not transferable to another person or to a future event.

If you inadvertently registered in the incorrect event (such as the Victorian event rather than New South Wales), we will transfer your registration. For assistance please email the MS Events team or call 1300 733 960. You will be required to pay any difference in fees. We cannot change your event options within the week prior to the event starting.

3. Merchandise

Champion Systems is the official merchandise provider for all MS Events.

At Champion System we stand behind our products. Please refer to the Guarantee page of this website. There are, however, also some obligations on you that you should be aware of: All orders for the sale of goods are accepted according to the terms and conditions below, and Champion System will supply the goods to you on these terms and conditions. By ordering an item from Champion System, you expressly agree to these terms and conditions. Champion System may amend these terms and conditions at any time, and any such amendment will be effective immediately. Your rights as a consumer under the Trade Practices Act are not affected by these terms and conditions.

  1. Warranty → Your Champion System garment comes with a one year manufacturing defect warranty. Champion System Australia Pty Ltd, reserve the right to repair the garment, or if garment cannot be repaired remake the garment. Refunds will not be given. Champion System Australia reserves the right to reject a warranty claim if the garment was not used as intended or correct care of the garment was not taken. If you have a warranty issue please contact us immediately for review.
  2. Payments by Credit Card → Credit card surcharges of 1.5% for Visa and MasterCard, 3% for American Express and Diner's Club will apply when paying by credit card. You authorise us to charge all fees incurred by you in relation to the services provided to the credit card designated by you. If payment is not received from the card issuer or its agents for any reason, you agree to pay us all amounts due immediately on demand.
  3. Delivery Delays → Champion System Australia uses a third party (3PL ) to freight your order. We have no control over this third Party or their ability to deliver in a timely manner. Once your order has left our factory we can no longer control the delivery date and delays may be experienced by this third Party. Champion System Australia Pty Ltd are not responsible for lost damaged or delayed orders.
  4. Pricing → While we shall endeavour to keep pricing current at all times, pricing may be subject to change without notice.

4. Cancellation of Events

There are times when circumstances such as extreme weather conditions require us to cancel an event. We are not liable to the participant for any loss or damage in the event of poor weather before or during the event.

5. Photography

Roving photographers are present at all MS Events, taking photographs which will be used to promote the event and future fundraising activities. Signage will be displayed at the event to confirm this. Please speak with us if you have any concerns.

6. Traffic & Road Laws

Participants must follow all traffic and road laws including directions by Police, State Road Authority, the event Traffic Management company, event staff and volunteers. For cycling events the participant must wear a cycling helmet that conforms to Australian standards.

7. Copyright

All material on the event website is protected by copyright unless otherwise noted and may not be used except as permitted in the text on the site. You may not distribute, modify or reuse the contents of the site for public or commercial purposes without the written permission of MS.

8. Privacy & Online Security

Multiple Sclerosis Limited staff and volunteers understand and respect your right to Privacy and will ensure that we uphold your rights and provide you with information on how we do this. For further information on Privacy, how Multiple Sclerosis Limited protects your rights and manages personal, sensitive and health information, please see:

MS Privacy

All financial information pertaining to customers of MS is stored securely in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), with no complete bank details retained. Wherever possible we use Westpac merchant facilities.

In some situations we use the assistance of professional financial gateway specialists to assist with financial transactions, for further information on these companies please see their websites:

PayPal - PayFlow Gateway Overview



In these situations we also use the assistance of expert fundraising digital platforms (in line with PCI DSS) which also retain limited information in order to recognise you as a customer:



All information is retained securely for the period of time determined by law and disposed of in a secure manner.

9. Acknowledgement & Waiver

  1. You acknowledge that involvement in the event is a potentially dangerous activity and that you participate at your own risk.
  2. You release MS and its agents from all claims for injury, loss or damage of whatever kind you may suffer in relation to the event.
  3. By entering the event you consent to receiving and reading the information about the event. Event communication will primarily be via email. Updated information will be posted on the event website and through social media from time to time.
  4. By entering the event MS commits to keep you informed about future opportunities to help people with MS. Occasionally we allow like-minded organisations to contact our supporters with fundraising materials. In return, they help us reach more generous Australians to support our cause.

If you would like to change your communication preferences please contact us via email or phone.

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