Meet Your Ambassadors 

Tim Ryan 

Tim often can't move or feel his legs and gets around with the use of a wheelchair and walking cane. With the love and support of his wife, family, and friends, he hopes to one day run and kick the footy with his daughter when the cure is found for multiple sclerosis.

“I'll never stop fighting or give up hope of a cure.  On behalf of myself and my family, I wanted to THANK YOU for participating in MS Melbourne Cycle and taking action to fight MS."

Tim Ryan


Samantha Sims

  Sam Sims

For a healthy, successful twenty-two-year-old woman working in the hospitality industry,  a sudden diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was quite a shock to Sam and those closest to her. 

Difficulties with co-ordination, numbness and blurred vision, have at times challenged Samantha, but she was determined to educate herself and her children about the disease and how to take control with an unpredictable diagnosis. Sam has found that sharing information with her children about this illness children has provided many positives. 

Sam and her children will be cycling, fundraising and handing out prizes at the 2020 MS Melbourne Cycle + Half Marathon!