Antony's story



While working in rural Japan during a cross-cultural exchange program, Antony experienced visual issues and was diagnosed after many weeks of investigation, with multiple sclerosis, the most common chronic neurological disease of young adults in Australia - but virtually unknown in this region of the world.
Upon diagnosis thirty-year-old Antony was in shock and feeling total disbelief that such a serious illness could have entered his life. So where to from here? Antony moved back to Australia and adopted the attitude of “I am not going to let MS get in the way of getting on with my life”. Antony has continued his life with that attitude ever since... Read more

Carol's story


Carol Cooke

Carol Cooke AM, is a triple gold-medallist Paralympian who was born and bred in Toronto, Canada and lives with the daily challenge of multiple sclerosis.

After fulfilling a life-long dream of serving in the Toronto Police Force in Canada, Carol felt like she had it all - an exciting and fulfilling career and for a period of time, work in the undercover drug squad... Read more


Jessica's story


Jessica Gray

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis seven years ago was no surprise to Jessica Gray, who had been struggling with health problems for some time. Her gut instinct told her there was something seriously wrong when she experienced paralysis from the waist down, so when the diagnosis was confirmed, it was not a shock, but a relief.

After a number of years, and a misdiagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, an MRI finally gave a 24 year old Jessica an answer - in vivid black and white. Her devoted husband threw in his job to care for Jessica during a severe relapse and a very dark time in her life... Read more


Sam's Story


Sam Sims

While most people her age were beginning their careers, Samantha Sims was learning to come to terms with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. After experiencing blurred vision, numbness in her face, slurred speech and double vision, a 22-year-old Samantha was given an answer to her symptoms: multiple sclerosis.

Some 23 years later, Samantha still remembers the fear she felt around her diagnosis... Read more


Stephen's story


Stephen P

At 12 years of age Stephen Papadopoulos sat in a classroom listening to a presentation about the MS Readathon™, not knowing that just a few years later, at 16, his first MS symptoms would appear.
“I’ve been living with pain for the past 10 years which consists of sharp stabbing pains throughout my body, pins and needles in my hands and feet, a burning sensation over the right side of my body, and pain down my legs, at the back of my neck and in the base of my spine,” says Stephen... Read more


Steven Van Ruyven

Steve's story

Steven is back on the bike for the 2018 MS Melbourne Cycle as one of our official event ambassadors!..

This will be Steven’s 3rd year as event ambassador and 8th year participating in the MS Melbourne Cycle... Read more


Tim's story


Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan has been a long-time supporter of MS events, having participated in the MS Melbourne Cycle for the last two years and the MS Walk and Fun Run for over eight years.

Tim was brought up in rural Bairnsdale and lived life for the love of sport from a very early age... Read more

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