nutritionYou’re about to embark on a solid ride in support of people living with multiple sclerosis, but please don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Follow these easy nutrition tips to ensure you are the healthiest and strongest version of yourself for the ride.

The most important thing to do in the days leading up to the ride is drink lots of water. It’s imperative your body is hydrated before setting off and remains hydrated throughout the ride. 

Two time Paralympic gold medallist Carol Cooke, says “It is important to be able to drink while riding, so practicing this while training is a good idea. You should be able to take your water bottle out of the holder and put it back without looking.  Problems can arise if you have to look down and then not be looking at the road”

Another great tip Carol suggests is adding electrolytes to your water bottle to replace the nutrients your body will lose while cycling, especially if the weather is warm. Sports drinks can also be a good alternative to keep electrolytes up and to sip on before the race.

nutritionIt could be the nerves, or maybe it’s being up at an ungodly hour, either way chances are you won’t have a huge appetite! A key mistake riders make is skipping breakfast. Make sure you eat breakfast on the morning of your ride. We suggest foods high in carbohydrates as they are the best source of energy and are easily broken down. Our favourites are porridge, whole grain breads or any excuse to eat like an Italian, pasta.

These high carb foods are best eaten 2-3 hours before the start of your ride to avoid feeling sick or getting a stich.

Carol highlights the importance of keeping refuelled while riding the distance, she suggests “stopping at the rest stops along the course and having a muesli bar, sports bar or a banana”

So, you’ve completed the MS Melbourne Cycle and now what? Straight after the ride is the optimal refuelling period. We will have you covered with a range of renowned food vendors on offer at our Event Village. Again, foods high in carbohydrates are best to help the body restore energy, otherwise a milk based drink such as a smoothie will do the trick.

We hope these tips are helpful, best of luck with your ride!

-    MS Events Team


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