Cycling Etiquette

We can’t stress enough that the MS Melbourne Cycle is not a race! Rider behaviour on the course has a major impact on the success, safety and future of this event.

Please be respectful of your fellow riders and abide by all road rules as there will be police riding the course. Don’t let a fine ruin your MS Melbourne Cycle experience!

Remember that those cycling near you may not be as experienced as you are, therefore, to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time, please follow these cycling etiquette guidelines:

  • STOP at lights and pedestrian crossings.
  • Ride no more than two abreast.
  • Look around and behind you and call out ‘passing’ or ring your bell, when overtaking other riders.
  • Remember, that all normal road rules apply for the MS Melbourne Cycle.
  • Keep left at all times.

A few other important procedures to follow include:

  • Ride to the Conditions – if it’s raining remember to dry your brakes constantly, especially before going into descents. 
  • Slow down on congested areas of the course.
  • Take Care – especially on the major descents and watch your speed.
  • You must wear a helmet at all times.

For a full run down on the rules and regulations for riders, download a copy of Sharing Roads and Paths or follow this link to the VicRoads website:

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