Team FAQs

How do I enter a team? Does it cost extra?

Entering a team does not cost any extra. It is only required that each team member has paid their registration fee. Register here to ride or run. Have a read through the create your team page to get you started.

Can we have both riders and runners in our team?

We recommend registering a RIDE team and a RUN team separately, and nominate a captain for each. There's nothing like healthy competition between friends is there?! 

Is it possible for my company to pay our registrations in bulk?

Yes, if you are participating we can happily organise a team payment code for you, which allows your company to pay registrations in bulk. Simply contact us and we can arrange this for you.

My team would like to start together. Is this possible?

Yes, we aim to allocate all team members in the same start time. However, we have limited places available in each start time. While we try our very best, we cannot guarantee that your team can start at the same time. Our start allocations highly depend on the time a team registers, and if members all register together. 

The best way to guarantee your team starting together is getting all members signed up early so that we can ensure we allocate you all the same start time.

If you are running, start groups are based on your estimated time to complete provided when you registered. At the start line, you are welcome to move into a slower group if you wish, but not a faster group. 

Is it possible to have an area for my team to set up at the finish?

You can request and order a Team Marquee at the finish village. For more information on organising a Team Marquee, please contact our friendly Events Team.

Need more info? We can help! Contact us.