Run preparation & start times

Start times

21.1KM:  9.00AM
10KM: 9.30AM
5KM: 10.00AM

It’s important to be prepared for whatever distance you’re running on event day so that you smash that PB of yours, and of course so that you enjoy your run. 

We’ve put together some of our top tips for getting yourself sorted before your run, and making sure that you’re on top of your game at the start line. 

1. Make sure that you have comfortable running shoes

We know you want to look schmick on the racecourse, but remember that you need to be running in shoes that you know are comfortable. Don’t buy brand new shoes right before you run, blisters aren’t anybody’s friend.

2. Do some training runs

Know your distance. It’s important that you do some practice runs before the big day so that you know what kind of pace you want to keep, and how fast you’re expecting to go. 

3. Stay hydrated

Try and avoid alcohol and too much caffeine the day before run day, and drink plenty of water. Hydration is key.

4. Eat well

Nutrition is key, and carbs are definitely your friend. But not too close to your run. Leave an hour or two before you get on track between your brekky so that you don’t get a stitch – but so that your energy lasts as long as you need it. It’s a fine balance!

5. Prepare for the weather

We all know that Melbourne likes to be a bit temperamental when it comes to the weather, so make sure that you’re prepared. Chuck on your sunnies, pack a hat and a jacket for some good luck. 

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